Hello! And welcome to your comedy journey at Held2gether, Improv for Life.  We’re delighted to have you as part of our community! We know you’re eager to get started, so we’ll get some of the housekeeping done now.  Please hold on to this to refer to in the future.


If you are going to be late, please text the instructor to let them know.  We have a strict door policy, and doors must be locked when class begins.  The instructor will give you directions on what to do when you arrive if the doors are locked. The instructor will let late students in after warm-ups, around 15-20 minutes after class begins.


There are no refunds for classes two weeks prior to the class start date.  Classes may be transferred to a future session if dropped after Class One of the course.  

If there are two classes in one session, you may be able to make one up on that date, depending on availability. 


Parking is available on Atlantic or at the attached Expo Parking Lot at 4321 Atlantic Avenue. Please enter class through the doors off Atlantic Avenue.


Auditing is not permitted for classes.  Free Intro to Improv workshops are held monthly for students to get a taste for Held2gether.  We suggest you encourage friends to join those. 


It is our intention at The Held2gether School to ensure a safe and positive experience for our students. We believe everyone, regardless of race, age, gender, sexual identity, or sexual orientation should experience the gift of improv and have the opportunity to discover and share their creative voice. 

At Held2gether, we encourage improvisers to play at their highest intelligence. With a focus on character and relationship, playing at our highest intelligence equates to embracing universal human behavioral flaws as relationship dynamics. Defaulting to stereotypes in race, gender, age, sexual orientation, religion, and other marginalized groups leads to losing your audience and low-brow jokes. Our goal is to help you develop strong connections and labels you so you can enhance your play. 

This is an unscripted learning environment. Students should feel free to take risks without feeling disrespected.  Please know that, due to the creative process in the classroom, you may be exposed to dialogue or physical gestures that could be considered offensive.  When these situations arise, the instructor can guide a healthy discussion on how things can be improved.  

However, if at any time you feel any action has crossed into the territory of harassment, you are encouraged to bring any and all concerns to the Class Instructor or Creative Director for confidential review.  Communicating with the School Manager or your teacher will in no way affect your r 

Putting yourself out there in an improv class is brave and courageous! Held2gether students are expected to behave in a professional manner and be respectful of fellow students and the instructor. Taking phone calls , texting or using the phone in any manner during an improv scene will not be tolerated.  If you must use your phone, please leave the room to do so, and reenter in-between scenes or exercises.

Fellow participants should give their classmates their attention, their support and encouragement at all times in class. Please refrain from chewing gum while onstage, or attending class under the influence of drugs or alcohol.  


All students begin at Improv Level 1, Foundations, regardless of previous experience.   Completion of Level 1 is not a guarantee of eligibility to take Improv Level 2, Scenework.  There is a big jump to Level 2, and many students repeat the Foundations course to become confident with the development in Level 2.  Students will receive an evaluation at the end of the course to determine the best route for students’ growth. 

In addition to the instructor’s permission to move forward to the Level 2 class, other prerequisites include seeing at least one Held2gether performance and attending at least 6 of the course sessions (no more than two absences) for the 8-week course, and at least 5 of the courses sessions (no more than one absence) for the 6-week course. Student Jams are $5. Most other shows are $10.

Beyond Level 2 Scenework, students may be invited to participate in Performance based classes, Character, Long Form Improv, Narrative and more! 

Other classes, such as Song Improv, Sketch Writing and Stand-Up Comedy have different prerequisites.  Specialty one-off drop-in classes may be available as well.  Please check prerequisites for these classes.

Upcoming Shows For This Session:

Friday, January 13th – Student Jam

Saturday, January 28th  – Last Laugh Saturday

Friday, February 10th – Student Jam

Saturday, February 18th – Unscripted Rom-Com

Saturday, February 25th – Last Laugh Saturday


Proof of Covid-19 vaccination is a requirement to take Held2gether courses. Please do not attend class if you are feeling ill.  Sanitizer is abundant on-site and the theater is thoroughly cleaned after each class.

Masks are not a requirement for the course but are welcome. They can be a hindrance to the artistic facial expression in which improv relies, So removal during  your individual scenes is recommended.. Your safety and comfort, however, is the utmost priority and you are welcome to wear a mask in class throughout if it helps.


Held2gether has a warm, open community and we are delighted to have you join us! You can participate with us at Student Jams and special events, and connect with other on our social media pages:

Facebook: Held2gether Students (request an invite)

Instagram: Held2gether

Yelp!: Held2gether, Improv for Life

YouTube: Held2gether

A weekly Held2gether newsletter will be sent on Fridays as well, with reminders of upcoming shows, classes and drop-ins.


In addition to the Held2gether Improv Comedy School, Held2gether also offers workshops for companies, organizations and parties.  To find out more, please contact Darren at darren@held2gether.com.


Please don’t hesitate to contact your instructors with any questions, and if you will be late or absent from a class, or have any questions or concerns.

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(562) 233-9646

Darren Held


(562) 537-8558

Liz Lanier


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