At the moment, due to the pandemic, all classes, performances and corporate workshops are offered online. We hope to be opening up soon and offering a hybrid of in-person and online classes for all to enjoy.  Please note some answers below and Held2gether Policy descriptions apply to in-person classes. 

Nope! Even though they are both in the improv family, stand-up is scripted, solo and about telling jokes and stories.  Improv comedy is a team sport – everyone works together without a script to create a comedic scene grounded in reality.  Held2gether does offer classes in Stand-Up comedy as well!

You must have attended at least 80% of classes class in Level 1, attended at least one H2G improv show, and you must have a solid grasp of the skills taught in Level 1. Your instructor will provide you with an evaluation at the end of the session and let you know which class you should take next. 

Nope! Held2gether is committed to the concept of improv for life, meaning that everyone from every walk of life can benefit from the skills of improv. 

Yes! Improv increases confidence and listening – both valuable skills in interviews.  It can also encourages risk taking and presentation skills  We have many students who combine improv classes and Toastmasters to optimize the skills of both for public speaking. 

Absolutely! Find out more here on our corporate site here:

Yes! We have coaches that are happy to help.  Find out more here

Yes! Gift certificates are available for $100 and up. Please note that most Held2gether classes start run around $195. 

As most classes are wait-listed, full refunds are only available 2 weeks prior to the first day of class. Those wishing to drop within 2 weeks of the first day of class may transfer to a future session. No refunds or transfers available once class begins. 

You can find a full list of Held2gether policies here. All students beginning Foundations Level 1 will receive this in their first course as well.