Held2gether, Improv for Life was created in 2010 with the mission to bring out each individual’s greatest potential through the power of improvisation. We believe the benefits of improv reach far beyond the stage.

At Held2gether you’ll learn to become a better listener, gain the confidence to take risks, and manifest the power of laughter and comradery to enhance well-being and positivity.

Held2gether’s improvisational focus lives in character and relationships. Our points of view and relationships shape our world. Through comedy, we can connect to our universal truths, while fostering our strengths as artists and human beings.

However you take your dose of improv – we’ve got it. Held2gether, is a Long Beach based Comedy School, a nationally recognized Corporate Training program and an Award-Winning Comedy Troupe available for events. With its’ 3 strong arms, Held2gether has built a foundation that keeps folks laughing and learning in the most powerful way.