Based on CDC and City guidelines for indoor venues, Held2gether policy is requiring proof of  full vaccination for COVID-19.  Please provide proof of vaccination upon entrance your first day of class. If you’re not feeling well at any time during the session, stay home and rest for your protection and the protection of others.


Because we are requiring proof of vaccination, a mask mandate will not be in place. Students do have the option to wear a mask in class, to adhere to their own comfort level. Before signing up for class, please keep in mind the challenges that come with wearing a mask in the theatrical arts.

Frequent Hand-washing

Staff will be required to wash hands frequently at easily-accessible hand-washing facilities. Students are encouraged to do the same.

Hand Sanitizer

Hand sanitizer with at least 60% alcohol (EPA approved ethanol or isopropyl) will be liberally placed in easily accessible public areas and patrons will be encouraged by staff.

Enhanced Cleaning

All surfaces and chairs will be wiped down before and after class with EPA-registered disinfectant.

Food & Drink

For now, no open containers of food will be allowed in the theater. If you bring a drink, please have a bottle that you can easily seal between sips. You may eat in the theater lobby before and after class, and during breaks.


Students are required to sign a waiver before attending classes. By signing this waiver you confirm that you understand the COVID-19  health and safety protocols and refuse the hold Held2gether, Improv for Life, The Bixby Knolls Business Association,  the City of Long Beach, or Long Beach Playhouse liable for any illness incurred during your courses at Held2gether. You confirm that you are willingly attending the courses at your own risk and will take the above-mentioned precautions to ensure the safety of others.

If you have questions about any of the aforementioned policies, please contact Darren at