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I Think I Just ‘Yessed’ Myself by Sarah Pinsky

Four years after my first workshop, I’ve realized all the conversations I never gave myself permission to have and the connection I once avoided out of fear are there on stage. Though I might still prefer to hide in the audience, improv pushes me to meet my own internal challenges. Uncomfortable emotions and foreign topics […]

Learning Improv Can Help Lawyers by Zarina Hora

When I first started taking improv classes over five years ago, I had no idea how it would change me. I love surprises and improv continues to give me little, cherished gifts that pop up out of the blue.  I knew that improv would give me a new skill, but not a new community. I […]

5 Ways Improv Can Unlock Your Inner Child by Nelli Veletyan

Growing up, I’d play pretend constantly. Whether I was hosting a royal ball in my bedroom or singing to a crowd of thousands from our apartment balcony (deepest apologies to our neighbors), playing pretend helped me explore, imagine, and get creative––while also providing an escape. I know I’m not alone in this. Playing pretend as […]